Roberta Mittmanʼs Boutique Coaching

Roberta Mittman’s Boutique Coaching

My Boutique Health and Wellness Coaching is an elegant solution for discerning women over forty to add more luxurious wellness to their lives. Expect improved health, confidence and a slimmer body coupled with fast implementation.

It’s not for everyone – it’s designed exclusively for women with discriminating taste who want to treat themselves to something spectacular. Could it be for you?

Premier Private Coaching

You’re over 40 and you’ve earned a life of elegance and refinement. Embracing the life YOU want should be as decadent a reward as a visit to your favorite spa.

Together, we’ll take care of your health and wellness from the inside out. So you can start living the lifestyle YOU desire.

Are you ready to embark on a truly luxurious, vibrant and purposeful journey?

This three to six month private coaching program is for select motivated women who seek one-on-one support to feel younger, thinner and experience an abundance of love and wealth in their lives.

Coaching can be done from the comfort of your home or office via phone or at Roberta Mittman’s private office in NYC.

Clients are accepted by application only.


This elite VIP program is designed for those special women who want fast action in a unique, personalized and upscale experience to spark their own quiet revolution.In an inspiring one-on-one session (A full or half day, also available virtually), I’ll share the six points of my signature program and create a personalized plan of action to help you feel trimmer, radiant and truly vibrant.
This intensive VIP health and wellness program is also ideal for past clients who may need a little refresher to keep them on their path.Expect to be pampered with special treatment and life advice that matches just what you need right now to get you where you want to go.You’ll walk away with plenty of information including healthy meal plans, exercise strategies and direction on how to show up for and transition into your best, most successful life.Best of all, you’ll have a support system of follow-up calls as your personal health and wellness revolution unfolds!

The Weight is Over Now
Secrets to Weightloss and Wow

My online self-study weight lossprogram cuts through hype and confusion and gets right to what you need the most—a streamlined system to have you feeling dramatically trimmer and more radiant quickly.In just 42 days (or less!) the guidance, support and motivation you’ll experience will bring back your energy and your “wow” factor.Using the same principles that guide my boutique individual health and wellness coaching, I eliminate the confusing misinformation that’s  part of so many weight-loss programs. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t be at the TOP of your priority list –- looking, feeling and thinking like the amazing woman you know has been there all along –- FINALLY.