Roberta Mittmanʼs In-Office Services

Roberta Mittman’s In-Office Services

In addition to my boutique coaching, which is available to women
across the world virtually or in person in NYC; I have a limited schedule of additional services that I offer in my private office including acupuncture, allergy elimination, smoking cessation, stress management, and electrodermal screening.


A safe alternative to traditional medicine, acupuncture works to restore the body’s natural, pain-free balance. Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with many mainstream Western treatments, and patients don’t have to stop their other treatments and/or medications in order to receive the full health and wellness benefits of acupuncture.

Allergy Elimination

Natural allergy elimination is a non-invasive method of achieving freedom from sensitivities and the symptoms that they can cause. My Allergy Elimination Program uses holistic, innovative and natural ways to provide relief, wellness, and balance.

Smoking Cessation

My Smoking Cessation Plan combines a world-renowned, highly effective acupuncture treatment program with honest, straightforward improved lifestyle strategies designed to get you thinking and acting like a nonsmoker–-from the moment you start your first treatment.

Stress Management

NET, or Neuro-Emotional Technique, is a methodology that engages the relationship between the mind and the body by addressing the emotional component of health imbalances. Together, we identify unresolved emotional and psychological patterns in the body and balance them to assist the body’s own healing process.

Electrodermal Screening

Electrodermal Screening, also known as BioEnergetic Testing, is a computerized stress assessment that scans balances and imbalances in your meridian system. This European modality is becoming a viable alternative for analyzing the energy pathways that flow through your body and gaining valuable information about the blockages that may be preventing you from achieving optimal health and wellness.