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Ellen W. Cutler, D.C.

“After just a few treatments with NAET, I felt like someone let me out of jail. Six months into my treatment program with Dr. Cutler, I could eat any of my favorite foods again, enjoy wine, play with my St. Bernard, and resume all of my athletic activities. Dr. Cutler has changed my life by helping me overcome my asthma and allergies forever.” Claire Pogue, Asthma Sufferer

Defining the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)
Steve came to see me with severe food allergies. His diet was very limited and he was frequently distressed physically. He could not tolerate, digest, or assimilate most foods. I decided to introduce the NAET chapter with his testimonial, not because he is an asthmatic, but because his life was so dramatically changed with NAET. He is now able to cat all foods without any problems and can live a more enjoyable, relaxed, and normal lifestyle. The dramatic changes Steve has experienced epitomize the power of this technique. NAET should have far-reaching effects on the way we view and treat chronic diseases and ailments such as asthma, chronic fatigue, migraines, and so forth,

I am writing to thank you for helping me to get my health back. When I came to see you in January 1994, 1 had such severe digestive problems that I had to curtail many of the activities I had enjoyed much of my life. These problems were also intruding on my business life, and I was becoming seriously de- pressed and withdrawn. All of that has improved significantly since our work together.

As children growing up in the fifties, my sister and I felt fortunate that we could eat everything we wanted without the hives and other problems my allergic mother experienced when she was not careful about what she ate. As a teenager I was obese, and when I was 21 I went on an all-protein diet over the summer that reduced my weight from 235 to 165 lbs. (I’m 6’1″). Nobody recognized me that autumn until they heard my voice. I was thrilled by the weight loss, but I felt weak and experienced some unpleasant side effects for a while, such as double vision. Around this time I also noticed that I would get diarrhea after eating dairy products, so I began to avoid them. My weight stabilized at about 180 to 185 pounds, and for many years my health was fine except that I couldn’t eat any dairy.

When I was around 40 (I’m 47 now), my weight increased to 210, and I began to notice symptoms such as gas, diarrhea and bloating after some meals, even when I avoided dairy products. Fortunately, a doctor was willing to try a relatively new technology at the time, allergy testing using blood samples. The doctor found that I was allergic to 35 of the 70 foods he tested. He said that mine were among the worst results he had ever encountered, and he urged me to avoid the foods to which I was allergic. He also offered me a reducing diet.

His advice was very helpful in eliminating the symptoms and losing the extra weight. To the extent that I avoided the allergenic foods, I had no gas, diarrhea, or bloating and my weight fell again to about 185 pounds.

As helpful as this was, however, it was actually a way of coping with a serious disability, Each time I went to a restaurant (once a source of pleasure), I had to interrogate the waiter about the ingredients in every dish. I read menus with fear be- cause I could not eat wheat, rye, corn, barley, oats, most spices, most oils, or any of the other 35 foods to which I was allergic. Often, waiters would assure me that all of my food requirements would be met, and then my dinner would appear, covered with black pepper or some other item I could not eat.

Whenever I ate one of the forbidden foods, the symptoms came swiftly. if there was dairy in any form, I would experience cramping, gas, diarrhea and bloating within five minutes, and this would become much worse about two hours later. Other foods had similar though less dramatic effects that were just as predictable.

For me this was more than a minor inconvenience. My work as an attorney required me to travel extensively and to take clients and witnesses to meals. I learned how central the sharing of food is to our social and business life, and I began to feel excluded. When friends would invite me to a dinner party, I would arrive with take-out sushi (which I knew contained none of the forbidden foods). After a time, I noticed fewer dinner invitations, and in a way I was relieved because I would no longer have to explain my restrictions to my hosts.

Travel for work or pleasure became something to avoid. Imagine carrying an extra suitcase full of food to Europe just to feel secure about finding something to eat. In each city, after I checked into a hotel, I would locate a food market to buy canned goods, which I would then eat in my hotel room rather than braving the restaurants. Explaining to a Parisian client that I could only have lunch with him if there was no sauce on my salmon was a task that I would not want to repeat.

When I discussed all of this with my sister, I was not entirely surprised to learn that she had had similar experiences. After eating at a McDonald’s once, for example, she had been hospitalized for internal bleeding. Later she discovered that they soak their French fries in milk before cooking them, and the milk had caused her to bleed. We spent many hours on the phone sharing information about which foods caused which symptoms and what foods to avoid.

Around this time, when I was 44, an attorney friend told me of her success in treating allergies with you. Thinking that I had nothing to lose, I came to see you. When you assured me that I would be eating dairy again within a few weeks, I was incredulous. By this time, I considered my body to be as reliable as a laboratory: give me something that had even the smallest amount of dairy in it, and within five minutes the symptoms would begin.

You performed some diagnostic exams, prescribed a number of food enzymes to eat with meals, and did some al- lergy testing. It was the beginning of a year of treatment that led to my recovery. Today, with a few minor exceptions, I eat whatever foods I choose, in any location, have no symptoms, and again weigh 185 pounds.

The path from being a disabled person who had to refrain from many important activities to being an ordinary person with normal health and a regular diet was a fascinating and surprising one for me and sometimes required faith and patience. Although I am open minded about alternative approaches in any discipline, I am also schooled in Western science. For example, I know that acupuncture and other methods have been used in the East for centuries with success, but I also know that we do not understand how or why they succeed. Still, everything else had failed, and my friend’s allergies had improved dramatically, so I decided to give NAET a try, whether I understood it or not.

The first set-back came immediately. The initial treatment for an allergy to chicken and eggs did not work, and I had to be treated a second time. Fortunately the next several treatments went well, and I was soon eating foods I had not eaten in years-without any symptoms. I felt like a child eating certain foods for the first time. It had been so long since I had eaten a strawberry or Wheaties©, for example, that tasting them was an indescribable new experience. At times some symptoms would return, especially after eating at restaurants, where I was experimenting with a broader selection. The reactions were far less severe than before, however, and we would work to identify what foods were causing the reaction and then treat for them.

For me the real test came a couple of months into the treatments, when you told me that I was ready to eat dairy. Given the painful and serious symptoms that I had experi-enced over the past 20 years, it was no wonder that I felt fear when I faced my bowl of chocolate ice cream. Waiting until the house was empty, I ate the ice cream expecting the worst.

After 5 minutes, when the cramping and bloating would ordinarily begin, nothing happened, much to my surprise and relief. The next test, I knew, would be in two hours, when the diarrhea and gas used to become far worse. Again, nothing happened. I have been eating dairy products now for over a year without incident. Though there are many dairy products I don’t like and seldom eat or drink (like milk), I am not afraid of dairy and eat some every day.

It has been several months now since we ended the treatments, and I continue to enjoy a wide variety of foods. On rare occasions, I will have minor symptoms after a meal, but proba- bly no more often than most people in their late 40’s. For the most part, I eat what I want without any difficulty. I continue to take food enzymes because I find them helpful for maintain- ing my health. I have far more energy than I used to, and my friends have told me how much better and healthier I look. I am no longer a disabled person and can again participate fully in life. To me, the treatments were a miracle.

A Few Words from a Parent of ADHD children and an ADHD adult

I’m a chiropractor with three children with ADHD. After taking the first Basic NAET seminar, I treated my children (who had various degrees of ADHD) for their basic ten allergies. Afterwards, all three children had no ADD or ADHD symptoms. My family life has completely changed. No more violent outbursts, uncontrollable weeping episodes and erratic and crazy behavior. No more making several dishes for each meal to avoid individual allergies. My children are focused, calm, healthy and happy. So am 1! Thank you Dr. Nambudripad for discovering NAET and sharing it with me!

Claire Sutherland, D.C. Thousand Oaks, CA

Adult ADHD
I am 28 years old, and since the time I was 10 years old, I suffered from severe joint pains, headaches, irritability, insomnia, anger and hostility towards everyone that I came in contact with. My doctors did not know the cause of my problems. Every joint from my toe to my j aw gave me pain almost 24 hours a day. Since the pain and calming medication I was given didn’t work and/or made me sick, the doctors said I would just have to live with the pain.

At the age of 18, with a height of 5’6″ and weighing 110 lbs., I started to have problems with my stomach. No matter what I ate, I would have a terrible burning and or nauseous feeling. Soon after that, I started having problems with my bowels. The doctors could find nothing. So the only answer was that it was stress from school-work or that it was all in my head. A few months later I developed a problem with my lungs. My lungs felt like they were on fire. Every shallow breath I took was accompanied with sharp pains that forced me to lie very still and often be bedridden for weeks at a time. At 19, 1 was struggling to maintain 95 lbs.

At 23, 1 started to display typical food allergies. First milk then eggs, corn and wheat. After eating these foods my stomach and bowels would be upset for hours or the whole day. ‘This was easily taken care only avoiding those foods or so I thought. But it wasn’t easy to avoid the foods. I steadily began losing more pounds.

By the time I was 24, 1 could no longer hold down a job. I had begun to get migraines on a daily basis. By the age of 27, 1 was down to 85 lbs. That’s when I was referred to Dr. Devi. After being treated through NAET for chicken and egg on my first visit, I was able to eat as many eggs as often as I wanted without any pain. Something I hadn’t been able to do in 8 years. Treatment after treatment I began to be able to have foods I could only dream about eating in the past. Learning to test myself with Dr. Devi’s ring test before I eat something has saved me from needless pain and suffering. (I am now maintaining II 5 lbs.)

7 months and 40 treatments later I am 85 % better with more good days than bad. I am on my way to being I 00 % well for the rest of my life!

Dr. Devi’s NAET has given me a second chance to be a happy, healthy and productive human being. I have a steady job and I can eat all the food I want. Now my only problem is that I have to watch my weight!

Thank you Dr. Devi !!!

Samantha Stevenson Fullerton, CA