You, the Ox, and 2021

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In the Chinese tradition, every year is symbolized by one of twelve animals. The year itself, as well as the people born in that year, are believed to share the characteristics of that year’s representative creature. Were you born in 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 (and now for those born in 2021)? If so,… Read more »

Is stress making you sick to your stomach?

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Feeling worried? Uneasy about today’s challenging times? Bowel routine slightly off? Experiencing digestive grumbling, “butterflies in your stomach,” or heartburn? Nausea or cramps? Change in  appetite? Any of these common discomforts can be a sign of disturbance in your enteric nervous system (ENS). What? You’ve never heard of it? You’re not alone. As important as this… Read more »

5 Ways Your Body Screams “Stress!”

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Stress is one of those plagues that we’ll never escape from in life. Whether a small annoyance such as a unplanned detour in our day, or a large disruption, such as a financial or major health issue, we’ll always experience something that upsets and worries us.    The trouble with stress is that it brings… Read more »

Cultivating Your Relationships in Difficult Times

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Sometimes I think of relationships as a garden—they require nurturing and TLC. Life has its ups and downs but during tough times (such as we’ve been experiencing the last number of months), more concerted effort is required to ensure our relationships stay strong and nurturing. Here are 6 ways to endure trying times and have… Read more »

3 Easy Steps to Shift Your Mindset and Embrace Change

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Whether we like it or not, change is all around us, especially in our current environment, considering all that we’ve been faced with in 2020. While just sticking our heads in the sand, waiting for all this to pass, then returning to “normal”—and meanwhile being consumed with worry, fear, and stress—would seem easiest, I’m  taking… Read more »

5 Key Pre-Pandemic Habits I’m Changing For Good

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We are currently in a “new normal” as it has been called. No question but that I’m missing—or really craving—hugging my family who live out of state, meeting my friends for tea or dinner, or even seeing my patients in my office. What are you missing from the “old normal” in the new normal? When… Read more »

Zoom Doom

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Something strange happened the other day. I had been using zoom for calls and webinars for most of the day while continuing physical distancing at home here in New York City. Suddenly, my phone rang—a friend was calling to check in and say hello. I was thrilled. Finally… an opportunity to turn off the computer and relax.  … Read more »