Thai Meatballs with Green Curry Sauce

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What better way to celebrate the holidays than to enjoy a relaxed gathering with good friends over festive food. Here’s a flavorful dish that adapts perfectly to any party, from cocktail to dinner.  

Ready, Set…Maximize Your Brainpower!

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In the past, medical experts believed that only a child’s brain had the capacity to develop and change. The assumption was that after an individual reached maturity, her brain stopped growing. We know better today. (Whew!) In the past three decades, science has confirmed that while the infant brain shows the greatest rate of growth,… Read more »

Here’s the Secret to “Having It All.” (It Isn’t What You Think)

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“You can have it all.” “Be everything you want to be.” “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” As contemporary, driven professional women, we’ve heard these kinds of messages many times before. They lend optimism and encourage safe risk-taking with the most positive intentions. The trouble is, these bright inspirational nuggets don’t always… Read more »

Sprouted Sunday BLT

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Sometimes you just need life—and the meals that fuel it!—to be straightforward. Here’s an updated, highly nutritious take on a flavorful old favorite that hits the spot without requiring lots of prep time or complicated directions:

Pumpkin Muffin Mini Bites

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Save Print Pumpkin Muffin Mini Bites Author: Margaret Lively   The rich, satisfying flavors of fall don’t have to add up to tons of extra carbs or unhealthy fats. Here’s a warm and comforting recipe perfect for a relaxing weekend breakfast, yet tempting enough to stand in as a dessert—but without the regret later. Dig in!… Read more »

Creating Balance in a Black-and-White World

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Many people find that this time of year comes with conflicted thoughts and feelings. Think about all you’re handling simultaneously right now: You’re cycling down from the excitement of summer travel and high activity, yet you sometimes think this deceleration is a little disappointing. You’ve found your groove again at work after all the summer… Read more »