Common Virus Linked With Severe Bowel Disease

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The American Journal of Gastroenterology and March 2001 A common virus may be the cause of many hard-to-treat cases of inflammatory bowel disease, researchers in Italy report. More than one third of patients in a new study who had colitis that did not respond to steroids were infected with cytomegalovirus (CMV), the investigators found…. Read more »

Tips To Quit Smoking

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Mary McGowan, MD To quit Smoking… Change routines to quit smoking. If you smoke while driving to work, get to work a different way-in a car pool or by public transportation. If you smoke before or after drinking coffee, switch to tea. If you associate smoking a cigarette with the end of a meal, leave… Read more »

Scientists Work to Test Traditional Chinese Cures

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Boston Globe July 13, 2001 Kenneth Kwong never expected to dabble in ancient Chinese medicine. A physicist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Kwong developed a revolutionary technology that gave scientists live views of the brain in action, opening new horizons in the study of memories, language and even the lure of cocaine. Lately, however, Kwong also… Read more »

Clearing the Smoke about Quitting

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Alex Blau, Health Watch Why on earth would anybody still smoke? Not only do cigarette smokers have to wade through daily press updates on the dangers of their habit, but they also pay higher health insurance premiums, are driven out of their office building whenever they want to catch a smoke, and suffer nasty stares… Read more »

Acupuncture May Ease Gag Reflex During Dental Work

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Amy Norton, British Dental Journal 2001 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – People who gag at the very thought of going to the dentist may find some hope in acupuncture, if they do not mind having needles stuck on their ears. British researchers say ear acupuncture can quell patients’ gag reflexes during dental procedures. In a… Read more »

Testimonial – M.S., New York

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In addition to the acupuncture treatments eliminating my allergies, changing my diet has had many advantages. I am exercising regularly and thank you to your nutritional guidance, I feel really healthy, physically and mentally for the first time in years.

Ready to Stop Smoking? Here’s how….

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Acupuncture, Supplements, Homeopathics, Audio Tapes, and Behavior modification help diminish cravings to get you on the road to a healthier body. Becoming a nonsmoker is easier and smoother with the use of a world-recognized acupuncture detox treatment. Most patients report successful control of their nicotine cravings in two to four treatments. Habits that previously triggered… Read more »


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My treatments with Roberta Mittman have literally given me a turbo boost on the path to being pain free. Since I was sixteen, I have been plagued with chronic subluxations in my neck and jaw, along with TMJ, which turned into headaches on a daily basis, which turned into mood swings, which turned into a… Read more »

Why You Should Stop Smoking

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More than four in five smokers say they want to quit. Each year about 1.3 million smokers quit successfully. With good smoking cessation programs, 20 to 40 percent of participants are able to quit smoking and stay off cigarettes for at least one year. In 1992, the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION reported that secondhand smoke caused… Read more »