Have You Checked in With Your Biome Lately?

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  We hear a lot of advertisements these days for foods or supplements that contain “probiotics” or “live cultures.” These are germs—but the good kind! Many microbes naturally live in the human digestive tract. They help our bodies process the food we take in. When these microorganism populations begin to decline, we experience symptoms such… Read more »

Gourmet Roasted Cabbage Dressed to the 9s

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Did you know that a pure, organically grown cabbage naturally attracts one of the microbes that assists and protects digestion? It’s true! Here’s a fun, simple way to prepare and turn that humble, healthful vegetable into something special.

DIY Nutella

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Nutella is a delicious favorite for many of us, but did you ever think about how much overprocessed no-no is in it? Never fear. You can indulge in that yummy, nutty, chocolatey flavor by whipping up a batch of this recipe, which uses 100 percent whole food ingredients instead: DIY Nutella

Racing Through Your Life? Reset Stress in 30 Seconds

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In this crazy modern life, we are constantly on the go. We hurry from place to place even as we remain tethered to them all with various electronics. Sometimes we feel as if our minds rush even faster—so many thoughts and feelings per second! For the multitasker in most of us, focusing on just one… Read more »

Is This YOUR Midlife Crisis?

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Let’s be real now: Menopause can be rough. Here in the Western Hemisphere, the default approach to middle-age and menopause seems overwhelmingly negative. Women who are doing their best to understand and adjust to the ways they are changing hear comments like, “Well, you’re not getting any younger,” or “If things get bad, there’s always… Read more »

Chinese New Year 2016: Fasten Your Seatbelt!

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On February 8, 2016, the world welcomed the Year of the Red Monkey. Happy Chinese New Year to you! In Chinese tradition, every year is characterized by one of twelve animals. The year itself, as well as the people born in that year, are believed to share traits with that year’s representative animal. Born in… Read more »

Power Porridge

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This nutrient dense, inflammation-fighting recipe is one of the best ways I know to start a cold winter morning. Feel free to play with the ingredients and adjust to your taste buds…bon appétit!

Quiz: Will You Take A Sick Day This Winter?

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It’s that miserable time of year again. No, not tax season (yet)—I’m talking prime time for colds and flu. You know that a body that’s strong and toned, fueled well, and treated with respect is less likely to “catch cold” than one that’s neglected—which practically goes without saying. But viruses are clever and ever changing…. Read more »