I Thought DBS Was a Joke, But This Isn’t Funny!

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You’re training for a marathon, and you feel twinges in your knee. You’re picking up your children and, ouch, your lower back aches. All of a sudden, your hips are sore. All these complaints may have one central source, according to new medical studies: DBS or Dormant Butt Syndrome. I hadn’t actually previously heard of… Read more »

3 Key Ways to Stamp Out Everyday Negativity

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It’s a chaotic life we live. We work long hours at a frantic pace, sometimes “too busy” to take time for ordinary—and very real—needs, like food and sleep and pleasant company. We’re surrounded by noise. Modern life can be a cacophony. Traffic honks, rumbles, and sometimes even screeches in every direction. A steady whine of… Read more »

Navigating #3 on “The List” with Grace and Unease

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“How exciting—you’re moving!” is the greeting I hear most often these days. My mind agrees, but my emotions want to say, “Wait! I’ll be excited after I’m settled. Maybe.” I have so much to do between here and there, and keeping all the spinning plates from crashing to the ground is quite a chore. After… Read more »

DIY Paleo Ketchup

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Ever feel as if your meal just needs that little extra “something”? Here’s a classic condiment you can feel good about pouring or dipping because you know precisely what bright flavors are—and what questionable additives are not—in it:

Ah-choo! 3 Tips to Stop Spring Suffering

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Ah, the feel of gentle, warm sunshine kissing your skin! The deep, earthy smell of a brisk April rain! The cherry, maple, and pear trees have begun dressing themselves in their seasonal, colorful glory, and the entire outdoor world seems to be refreshed with the brilliant green wash of new life and vitality, and…ah…ah…. Aah-CHOO!… Read more »

Have You Checked in With Your Biome Lately?

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  We hear a lot of advertisements these days for foods or supplements that contain “probiotics” or “live cultures.” These are germs—but the good kind! Many microbes naturally live in the human digestive tract. They help our bodies process the food we take in. When these microorganism populations begin to decline, we experience symptoms such… Read more »

Gourmet Roasted Cabbage Dressed to the 9s

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Did you know that a pure, organically grown cabbage naturally attracts one of the microbes that assists and protects digestion? It’s true! Here’s a fun, simple way to prepare and turn that humble, healthful vegetable into something special.

DIY Nutella

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Nutella is a delicious favorite for many of us, but did you ever think about how much overprocessed no-no is in it? Never fear. You can indulge in that yummy, nutty, chocolatey flavor by whipping up a batch of this recipe, which uses 100 percent whole food ingredients instead: DIY Nutella