Lemon-Ginger Grilled Chicken

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Looking for an outdoor cooking recipe designed both to fuel and to delight? The freshness and zing of citrus and spice combine beautifully in this winner-winner of a chicken dinner: Lemon-Ginger Grilled Chicken.

Debunk these 5 myths to jump-start your meditation practice

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“I SHOULD be meditating,” Lauren announced after we discussed ways to relieve stress in her chaotic life. That comment sounded very familiar. Meditation, for many of us, seems like a lofty, health-positive, mental health-positive goal, but one generally relegated to the “someday” list—that is, “Maybe I’ll try it on Monday…or the Monday after that.” If… Read more »

Headaches: Getting to the “point”

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All morning, you’ve felt it coming on. You’ve tried to work around it, but gradually that hint of low-level discomfort has increased until you’ve got a splitting headache. Or do you? Maybe rather than “splitting,” you would describe your headache as “slight but persistent” or “like a band, squeezing.” Let’s look a little closer: Where… Read more »

How to Turn a Worrier into a Warrior

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Heard in the office this week: Who is going to win the election? What will happen after the other disgusting/deplorable person loses? What if my brother brings his girlfriend who no one likes to Thanksgiving? Suppose I can’t stop eating and gain 5 pounds? What if the snow or rain causes airline delays? What if… Read more »

Does your workout need some tech?

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A lot of information has been released over the past few months about fitness tracking devices, and sorry to say, much of it really isn’t very good news. One study found that the measurements a particular tracking model takes can be wildly erroneous, giving users a false view of how much they’re accomplishing. Other studies… Read more »

Pasta Perfection!

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Think vegetables are “boring”? Maybe you just haven’t seen one at its versatile best lately. Here’s a delightfully fun twist on fresh summer veggies that’s sure to please both your senses and your body’s needs.  

The Best Kale Salad

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Eating to nourish and support your skin—your body’s largest organ—doesn’t have to be complicated. Enjoy this simple, refreshing twist on your next kale salad and get your glow on!