50 Shades of Decay

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How much sugar have you had today? None? I’m betting you have, though you may not know it. At least 50 different forms of sugar are out there—and the list continues to grow. Even savvy consumers who eat with a goal of healthful living can be unaware of the sugar traps lurking in the foods… Read more »

The #1 Culprit Behind Relationship Stress

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As a wellness and personal revolution coach, I’ve noticed that when a client mentions anxiety about one particular person in her life—regardless of whether the relationship is personal or professional—the root of that stress is usually a lack of communication.   Speaking up honestly is not always the easiest thing to do, but open communication… Read more »

Chinese New Year 2015: Stay Calm and Carry On!

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On February 19, 2015, the world will welcome the Year of the Sheep. Happy Chinese New Year! In Chinese tradition, each year is represented by one of twelve animals. Each animal is believed to lend its traits not only to the people born in that year but also to the year itself. If you were… Read more »

The #1 Way to Supercharge Your Energy Right Now

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In my last newsletter, I discussed why many New Year’s resolutions fail: They’re too big to be manageable in one step. To make your resolution a reality, what you need is a plan, a roadmap that guides you toward that ultimate goal. If, like so many of my patients and long-distance coaching clients around the… Read more »

Healthy Skin and Summer Sun

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I’ll bet you saw that headline and thought you had a good idea of today’s topic. Maybe you’re even a health-conscious individual who read it and thought, Oh, that reminds me! It’s time to buy a fresh bottle of sunscreen. Congratulations! You have a sense of wellness responsibility that will be immeasurably valuable in keeping… Read more »

Have you tuned up your brain lately?

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We all have a moment of forgetfulness now and then. Inattention, overwork, excessive noise, fatigue, family difficulties, and a host of other factors can cause these little mental hiccups. A longer string of memory troubles, or moments of feeling “foggy,” certainly can be a source of anxiety. If you’re having prolonged or worsening memory or… Read more »

Trash these losing resolutions BEFORE they trash your initiative

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Watching the ball drop in Times Square, New York City, is a New Years’ Eve tradition around the country. The countdown from 10 to 1, glitter and confetti, corks popping, noisemakers squealing, kissing and hugging, people around the world celebrating, crowds cheering…The scenes and excitement are so spectacular, it’s hard to believe it’s not a… Read more »

Stop being so nice!

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During the holidays, more of everything special seems to come our way—more fun, more food, more family, more sparkle. More time with friends, more opportunities to meet new friends, glamorous holiday clothes, more gifts and glitter.  But then we have the other side of this wonderful season: more work, more events, more family (again), late… Read more »

5 Key Stress-Busting Foods

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Work, finances, relationships, unexpected circumstances, just daily, hectic life—it adds up to make us moody, tired, irritable, unfocused, and even sick. But guess what? Taming the stress you’re feeling can start with a simple choice: what goes on your plate. It’s true. What you eat can help to relieve the uncomfortable—and unhealthy—consequences of stress, including… Read more »

Not Feeling Great? Neither Is Your Business

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In my 10 years as CEO of the Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing, I’ve noticed a clear pattern. Patients who come in feeling depleted of energy and vibrancy have mediocre results in their business, finances, and professional success. Parallel, or mere coincidence? I unequivocally vote for the first answer. Here’s why: You need both vitality… Read more »