Chinese Medicine Cheat Sheet: Which Element Sounds Like You?

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I am continually intrigued by the unique combination of strengths and imbalances in each patient in my coaching and acupuncture practices. However similar on the surface, no two wellness problems are exactly alike. In traditional Chinese medicine, that’s because any health or life issue is part of a larger picture, not a single, isolated complaint…. Read more »

Not Feeling Great? Neither Is Your Business

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In my 10 years as CEO of the Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing, I’ve noticed a clear pattern. Patients who come in feeling depleted of energy and vibrancy have mediocre results in their business, finances, and professional success. Parallel, or mere coincidence? I unequivocally vote for the first answer. Here’s why: You need both vitality… Read more »

Hungry for Love? Here’s a Recipe for Attraction.

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As I discussed in the last newsletter, your health and your ability to achieve financial success are interconnected [link to first post]. It’s practically impossible to have one without the other for long. There’s another parallel to your wellness, too: the world of relationships. Your physical and emotional health can dictate your success in attracting… Read more »

You’re Over 40? So What.

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Fill in the blank. Women over 40 are… Did you say “over the hill”? “out to pasture”? “good for taking care of everyone else’s needs, not their own”? I cringe when I hear these traditional cultural messages, often repeated by over-40 women themselves. Never one to feel limited by age (except maybe where miniskirts and… Read more »

Do scary thoughts haunt you at night? Here’s your 911.

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Lately, several patients admitted to me that they’re awakened at 2 a.m. with worries—or even panic. Has that ever happened to you? Anxiety can come to life in the middle of the night. Scary thoughts may be pushed aside during a busy daytime of running around, but when the night’s darkness, quiet, and imaginings take… Read more »

Finding True Success: 2 More Tips to Motivate You to Move

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We all have a hard time getting ourselves into the exercise mindset sometimes. (Yes, I admit, there are days I’m so busy I’m tempted to skip it, too.) And when life gets complicated, it’s even easier to think of reasons we just “can’t” afford to take time out for exercise. If you’re in a high-pressure… Read more »

So you’re thinking about self-medicating

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As I discussed in my latest posts, headaches have many causes. Some triggers are easier to pinpoint and reduce or eliminate than others. If you’re among the unfortunate bunch whose headaches are less cooperative or harder to trace, there are still plenty of natural treatments that can give you relief. But perhaps you’re thinking, Why not… Read more »