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Many of my conversations with patients and clients in the 45-50 age range are centered around the types of symptoms that can arise at the end of menstruation. For some women, menopause is a challenge that is marked by discomfort. Others, though, simply glide through this transition gracefully, living a life rich in self-expression, wellbeing,… Read more »

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Are your back, neck, shoulders, or knees bothering you? Are you feeling stiffer and slower, almost as if you never took that energizing vacation? It’s certainly possible that while you were out having terrific adventures over these past weeks, maybe you overdid it a bit. Injuries increase with vigorous exercise, especially when we’re participating in… Read more »

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The secret is out! You have a microbiome in your body. This tiny ecosystem affects just about everything concerning your health: physical fitness, mood, immunity, weight, and many other conditions. Chances are, you didn’t even know your microbiome existed. In fact, many health professionals haven’t known much about it until recent years, either. Research continues,… Read more »

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“More Than Two Thirds of Americans Are Overweight or Obese,” screamed the headline on a recent Time Magazine article. Statistics like these are attention getters for me. As a health and wellbeing coach, I guide busy professionals and women over 40 to find their trimmest, most positively aligned and empowered selves. Often that requires a… Read more »

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Hitting the road but don’t want to ruin your healthy habits? Pack a salad in a jar and you’re now covered! Here’s the (simple!) secret to keeping this convenient, delicious take-along lunch fresh and appealing.

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“They are so Yin and Yang.” I’m sure you’ve heard that expression used to describe the two individuals in a couple who are seemingly very different in viewpoints or personality. According to 5,000-year-old Chinese medicine, everything in the universe is Yin and Yang. (Hint: Notice I said “and,” not “or”—more on that coming up.) Yin… Read more »