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“Jane Doe wants to be your friend on Facebook.” Well, that wasn’t the actual name, but it was the message that greeted me in my inbox this morning.   I don’t remember who Jane is. I’d like to think that we had a meaningful personal encounter somewhere, that she shares like-minded opinions about the importance… Read more »

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There can be no question that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any number of other social networking sites come with benefits. Having countless users worldwide, and with more joining daily, social media is clearly a force to be reckoned with.   But are you getting more than you bargained for?   Psychologists now recognize that for… Read more »

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Ah, spring. The grass is greening, the pear and cherry trees are blooming, everything seems fresh and vibrant…except your head. You’re feeling cranky and irritated by all the sneezing and that puffy, stuffy sensation that won’t go away. Many spring allergies are caused by trees, which start pollinating anytime from January to April, depending on… Read more »

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Stuck. Frustrated. Guilty. Restless. Lethargic. Sedentary. Disappointed. These are some of the words many of us use to describe how we feel when we’re in a rut and don’t take action—or don’t even want to—although we know we should. And one area that all too often suffers is exercising for health. These days, we’re all… Read more »

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Remember that famous order from When Harry Met Sally? Yes, I know nutritional supplements aren’t exactly what Meg Ryan’s fellow diner was thinking of—wink—as she said, “I’ll have what she’s having.” Still, I remember that line and smile when patients in my Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing and my coaching clients ask, “Roberta, you’re always… Read more »

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We all have a hard time getting ourselves into the exercise mindset sometimes. (Yes, I admit, there are days I’m so busy I’m tempted to skip it, too.) And when life gets complicated, it’s even easier to think of reasons we just “can’t” afford to take time out for exercise. If you’re in a high-pressure… Read more »

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The aroma of freshly brewed coffee signals the start of the day in many households. But too often, coffee consumption doesn’t end with that single cup in the morning. Drinking coffee—and all the caffeine it provides—is an American pastime and a popular social activity. Look around. Everywhere you see new coffee hangouts, specialty coffee drinks,… Read more »

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Everywhere you look these days, “green” is catching on. And no wonder. Green principles in action mean more conscientious, responsible, and healthful living. What does it mean to “go green”? The goal of “going green” is to minimize harm to the Earth by maintaining its natural ecological balance and preserving its systems and resources. Going… Read more »