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Reuters May 2002 Infections early in life with viruses that cross-react with central nervous system epitopes seem to prime individuals for development of multiple sclerosis, Dr. Robert Fujinami reported here at the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology. Dr. Fujinami, of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, told Reuters Health, “We… Read more »

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Dear Roberta, Although I have only been receiving NAET treatments for a few months, I have felt steady yet dramatic improvement in my overall health. In addition to being able to eat a wider array of foods, the back pain that I suffered due to environmental sensitivities has been eliminated. My complexion has taken on… Read more »

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From Glamour Magazine March 2002 You’ve known that smoking is unhealthy since they passed around that icky black preserved lung in health class. But how much have you learned since? A recent survey of 1,000 U.S. smokers by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, uncovered these myths: MYTH #1: Really, I won’t… Read more »

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New York Resident August 2001 Learn to look for clues of food allergens where you might not expect them, counsels a New York University Medical Center specialist. A recent FDA report notes that many allergens cross over into supposedly allergen-free foods — often in the manufacturing or handling process — meaning that people with allergies… Read more »

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Erin O’Donnell Natural Health August, 2001 Misty Letner had battled migraines and fatigue for 12 years. Her symptoms were so severe that when she was laid off from her job shortly before her Natural Health makeover began, she had no energy to look for a new one. She was sleeping almost 14 hours a night… Read more »

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Alan Mozes, Psychological Science 2001 Have a hunch that something’s about to go terribly wrong? It may just be paranoia. Or, researchers suggest, it may be an entirely accurate “gut feeling” based on subtle, unconscious comparisons with past events. “The bottom line is that sometimes when people get a hunch, it’s not mysterious,” said study… Read more »

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Tim Bergling Health24News, June 2001 WASHINGTON — Maybe a broken heart really does hurt. A new study suggests evidence for an old idea … that emotions aren’t just expressions of the mind, but rather a series of palpable sensations. Researchers at the University of Iowa College of Medicine looked at brain scans of 41 test… Read more »

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Steve Bailey Associated Press, May 7 2001 If you’re happy and you know it – you just may live longer. New research released Monday stemming from a 15-year study of aging and Alzheimer’s disease in nuns suggests a positive emotional state at an early age may help ward off disease and even prolong life. “It’s… Read more »

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Will Boggs, MD Reuter’s Health April 24, 2001 Women who harbor feelings of anger or depression are more likely to have heart disease risk factors such as high cholesterol and an unhealthy weight, a new study shows. Researchers say the findings add more support to the idea that physical and psychological factors conspire to raise… Read more »

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Reuters, April 26 2001 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – People who see the proverbial glass as half empty may be nearly four times more likely than their optimistic peers to come down with a cold, study findings suggest. According to the report, psychological stress, particularly the chronic type that may accompany a neurotic and negative… Read more »