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What if your home had a frame, porous with holes that made it weak and prone to breakage? Not a comforting thought, for sure.   However, that exact scenario might very well be happening in your skeleton without your knowledge. Osteoporosis—literally, “porous bones”—puts you at risk for falls, fractures, pain, and a “dowager’s hump.” (No… Read more »

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You’ve heard all the wisdom: Get at least eight glasses of water a day. Drink even before you feel thirsty. Hydrate more during hot weather. Don’t forget your water when you work out! And that’s all good advice. There’s simply no question that water is essential. After all, we have more water in our human… Read more »

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“I SHOULD be meditating,” Lauren announced after we discussed ways to relieve stress in her chaotic life. That comment sounded very familiar. Meditation, for many of us, seems like a lofty, health-positive, mental health-positive goal, but one generally relegated to the “someday” list—that is, “Maybe I’ll try it on Monday…or the Monday after that.” If… Read more »

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Suppose an essential nutrient was incredibly involved in more than 300 vital biochemical functions in the body yet deficient in about 80% of us. Would you want to know what this curious missing ingredient was? Well, just such a nutrient exists: It’s the mighty mineral magnesium. You can’t live without magnesium, a hard-working nutrient that… Read more »

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That’s a direct quote, actually, from one of my wellness coaching clients, Sandy, several week ago. The early months of this year had been particularly stressful for Sandy. Passionate in her opinions, she found herself increasingly frustrated by tidbits surfacing in the news. Even when she wasn’t reading articles or watching TV reports, Sandy found… Read more »

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I look forward to summer for so many reasons—and the opportunity to hit the road to explore new places and experiences is way up on my list! I hope you, too, have planned to enjoy some time away during this season of adventure. One question I hear from clients and patients with a vacation in… Read more »

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If you’re like most of us, when you think of protein sources, your mind turns to meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. Those are all good choices, but let’s shake it up! Now that summer is here, why not add more plant-based protein to your salads and meals for a welcome change? While tofu is a… Read more »