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If you’re like most of us, when you think of protein sources, your mind turns to meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. Those are all good choices, but let’s shake it up! Now that summer is here, why not add more plant-based protein to your salads and meals for a welcome change? While tofu is a… Read more »

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Lisa was increasingly tired and worn out from trying to keep up with her busy children and a hectic work schedule. She couldn’t resist eating sugary foods and collapsed into being a “couch potato” when she got home after sitting at her desk for hours at a time. Stress ruled her life, and she had… Read more »

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All morning, you’ve felt it coming on. You’ve tried to work around it, but gradually that hint of low-level discomfort has increased until you’ve got a splitting headache. Or do you? Maybe rather than “splitting,” you would describe your headache as “slight but persistent” or “like a band, squeezing.” Let’s look a little closer: Where… Read more »

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It’s a good thing to turn compassion inward. Here’s a true comfort food, one that will let you show yourself some kindness and won’t leave you with any guilty regrets:

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Tired of salad for lunch? Here’s a satisfying veggie dish that’s quick and easy to make the night before. Add some nuts for a protein boost, and it’s a perfect midday brown-bag meal: Cauliflower Saffron Rice.

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Has your plate started to look as “blah” as your daily routine? Kick your interest up a notch with—surprise!—an indulgent treat that packs potent nutrition, too: Boom! Yum!! Health Brownies!!!   Save Print BOOM! YUM!! HEALTH BROWNIES!!!   Ingredients coconut oil 4 pasture-raised eggs 1 cup coconut sugar 6 oz. organic dark (70% or more)… Read more »