Lessons From Relapse

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In my last two articles (review them here and here), I wrote of the stages within the process of breaking addictions and other unhealthful habits. Today, let’s get down to some practical advice for putting it all together. In his book Changing for Good, Dr. James Prochaska explains that reevaluating by identifying what we’ve learned… Read more »

Are YOU Addicted? Part 2: Taking Back Control

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In my last newsletter, we discussed three stages that a person typically passes through in order to make lasting changes that eliminate harmful habitual, obsessive, or addictive behavior. Before you think, “Harmful behavior? That doesn’t apply to me,” reflect for just another moment. Dependency takes many forms. Is there anything in your world that you… Read more »

Are YOU Addicted? Part 1: My Confession

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As a college student, I fell prey to a cigarette addiction. Many years later, I’m still not certain how the habit took hold, though it probably involved stress,friends whosmoked, and lack of information about the dangers. Regardless, I soon realized this behavior’s power over me. My efforts to stop proved to be ultimately successful (whew)… Read more »

Acupuncture Helps Some Quell Need For Cocaine

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New York Times August 15, 2000 Acupuncture appears to help some cocaine addicts escape their dependence on the drug, according to a report published today by researchers at Yale University. Experts on drug abuse say cocaine addiction is one of the most difficult forms of drug dependency to treat. And while many treatment centers have… Read more »