5 Ways Your Body Screams “Stress!”

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Stress is one of those plagues that we’ll never escape from in life. Whether a small annoyance such as a unplanned detour in our day, or a large disruption, such as a financial or major health issue, we’ll always experience something that upsets and worries us.    The trouble with stress is that it brings… Read more »

What I’m NOT Going to Do This Holiday Season

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My email inbox is overflowing with lists of best gifts, recipes, and holiday deals. Having to focus on all that’s trying to grab my attention feels pretty overwhelming right about now! And when I think of the holiday season straight through to New Year’s, I can easily slip into that whirlpool of building tension and too… Read more »

Take a Bite out of Stress

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Imagine the scene…   You have just received the 5th project on your desk with a deadline marked “urgent.” You’re rushing to catch a plane, and you hit a traffic jam. Your kids are leaving their toys everywhere right after you’ve cleaned up. Your parent has just had a health scare. You’ve just had (another)… Read more »

Debunk these 5 myths to jump-start your meditation practice

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“I SHOULD be meditating,” Lauren announced after we discussed ways to relieve stress in her chaotic life. That comment sounded very familiar. Meditation, for many of us, seems like a lofty, health-positive, mental health-positive goal, but one generally relegated to the “someday” list—that is, “Maybe I’ll try it on Monday…or the Monday after that.” If… Read more »

How to Turn a Worrier into a Warrior

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Heard in the office this week: Who is going to win the election? What will happen after the other disgusting/deplorable person loses? What if my brother brings his girlfriend who no one likes to Thanksgiving? Suppose I can’t stop eating and gain 5 pounds? What if the snow or rain causes airline delays? What if… Read more »

Sorry I’m Late, But…

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I’m so sorry, really. I just got stuck (in traffic, with the kids, with a call… Fill in your own mostly real excuse). Sound all too familiar? Do you have a friend or family member who can’t seem to show up at the appointed place at the confirmed time—or perhaps is it YOU who’s frequently… Read more »

Racing Through Your Life? Reset Stress in 30 Seconds

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In this crazy modern life, we are constantly on the go. We hurry from place to place even as we remain tethered to them all with various electronics. Sometimes we feel as if our minds rush even faster—so many thoughts and feelings per second! For the multitasker in most of us, focusing on just one… Read more »

3 Ways to Clear Your Anxiety This Spring

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Although the outdoors may not exactly feel like it yet, spring is just around the corner. I know I’m not the only one looking forward to the promise of a fresh season of gentle warmth and signs of new life all around. The natural world is winding up to push bright, vibrant new growth from… Read more »

The #1 Culprit Behind Relationship Stress

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As a wellness and personal revolution coach, I’ve noticed that when a client mentions anxiety about one particular person in her life—regardless of whether the relationship is personal or professional—the root of that stress is usually a lack of communication.   Speaking up honestly is not always the easiest thing to do, but open communication… Read more »