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Sadly, we live in a very toxic world. Of course, your primary detox organ, the liver, usually does a praiseworthy job of filtering out unwanted compounds. Still, when it’s overloaded with pesticides, additives, thin nutrition, and the thousands of environmental impurities rushing at us every day, the hardworking liver may not be able to keep up. Excess toxic waste can be shunted off for storage to fatty tissues, including your brain.

I don’t want these substances taking up residence in my body, for sure—do you? (I didn’t think so.)

Unlike a bowel cleanse or a fast, the food-based detox approach relies on a whole, unprocessed diet and eliminates dairy, wheat, and sugar—three main culprits behind weight gain, fatigue, sensitivities, bloating, and just not feeling up to par. I’ve found that a seasonal 10-day detox never fails to clear any brain fog while exposing what isn’t serving me well. And a food-based detox fits my busy life because I don’t have anything special to do, make, or cook.

This year, I began my detox a bit earlier than usual. I’d been taking part in more social events recently, which meant more desserts, more bread—just too much of everything. So, with my long list of approved foods and a few good liver support products, I began the process. I discovered first that the foods I most craved, I needed to eliminate from my everyday routine the most. And I picked up on some other lessons I didn’t expect. 

  1. Getting Real

Yes, even a health expert can be sucked into the merry-go-round of negative cravings.

I examined my recent diet and realized that my indulgence in coffee and chocolate had become much too frequent. Both contain caffeine, which can trigger or aggravate stress reactions, leach out nutrients, and hinder sleep. Once I substituted green tea, then gradually switched to herbal teas, I experienced calmer, more balanced days, without the roller coaster highs and lows. Then, feeling peaceful myself, I began to have greater patience and compassion in my relationships. Everyone felt the effects of my switch.

I also took a hard look at sugar, regulating my intake even more carefully than usual for the sake of my digestion and energy level. But I also found that artificial sweeteners had been playing a sneaky role in my diet. It was time for “sugar-free” foods to go—they trick the body into thinking it has sweet food coming, which backfires by igniting cravings. The unexpected bonus? Vegetables and fruits, which I love, never tasted better now that I could distinguish their real sweetness!

  1. Taking Purposeful Action

De-cluttering and reorganizing my diet led straight to a renewed focus on my surroundings. I suddenly developed a heightened sensitivity to piles of papers and extra clothes and belongings that I hadn’t noticed previously. Even my finances received additional scrutiny as I fine-tuned tracking systems for taking unstoppable action toward abundance. The ripple effect continued.…

  1. A Fresh Look at Emotions, Beliefs, and People

Being present when making choices about what I eat took me down a broader path of awareness. I began to see how limiting beliefs, emotions, and people had created toxins of another kind in my life.

For instance, I saw that doubt had slowly entered my thinking, causing me to question my intuition. I also realized that I had settled way too long for unsupportive individuals who added to my fear of “what if” and encouraged me to play it safe. Detoxing became the catalyst for setting new priorities and surrounding myself with those who were upbeat, honest, and optimistic.

At the end of my detox, people commented that my skin glowed, and I could see that my clothes actually fit me better. (I had detoxed 5 pounds of extra weight.) But those outward improvements were just the beginning. Making a small change can bring huge benefits in many aspects of your life. Detox is not just about the food. That’s the icing on the cake—which I enjoyed when the detox was over!

And the whole process was honestly pretty effortless.

So now, I invite you to join my patients and clients and reap for yourself the benefits of a quick, easy detox this season. Simply email with “detox” in the subject line. My team will send you information on how you can begin your own exploration toward optimal wellness and boundless energy. You have my own example to guide yourself by.

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