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It’s a new year, and many of us are feeling inspired to take on new habits—or abandon old, unhealthy ones. Is maintaining a healthy weight one of yours?

Now that the holidays are over, take a moment to reflect on how you kept yourself in good health, physically and emotionally, during the festivities. No doubt many of the events you attended featured fun food. Did you eat something you usually don’t? Did you like it?

Stop. Don’t kick yourself if you answered “Yes.” Pleasure is a good thing. Allowing yourself to enjoy what you eat is a wonderful gift!

I mentioned in a blog post not long ago that I did not adopt a healthy, realistic attitude toward eating until I ditched the idea that some foods are “bad.” It simply isn’t true. What’s bad—bad FOR YOU, that is—is eating for the wrong reasons or eating too much. Eating and food, in and of themselves, are not bad. Neither are you when you nourish yourself.

How about the 3Rs? Were you able to step back from all those “Dieting Don’ts” and think objectively and honestly about your food attitudes?

Stop again. If you answered “Yes,” you have overcome a major barrier to health. Good for you! But remember, there is no shame if you answered “No.” January is here. It’s clean slate and new opportunity time for you.

Ready to take on the challenge? Give me a call at 212-686-0939, and let’s schedule a session to get you started. You CAN have health and happiness.

Happy new year.