Roberta Mittman's Manifesto

Roberta Mittman’s Manifesto

You’ve passed forty.

As women, we are told that it’s time.

Time to relinquish our power. Time to say goodbye to our dreams. Time to head out to pasture.

“Get used to being old, sick, alone and broke – that’s just the way it is.”

Stop! Hey! Wait a minute!

We’re still here. Yes, it is time.
time to redefine what age means.

Deep down, we know that we CAN attain the life that we want.

We deserve to feel younger, thinner, and experience an abundance of love and wealth in our lives.

We know it’s NEVER too late.

A quiet revolution is forming.

Led by an elite group of women who embrace a luxurious, vibrant and purposeful life at any age.

It’s finally time to be YOU. And acknowledge that it feels amazing to live the healthy and luxurious lifestyle your deserve.

Because revolutionaries don’t wait for permission.
But they do need a leader to guide them on their way.

A leader with over twenty years experience as a health & wellness professional.

A leader who provides the ideal combination of Eastern and Western modalities to get results to help you feel younger and thinner faster than you ever thought possible.

A leader who is a shining example of what being over 40 and beyond is all about.

Meet Roberta Mittman.