Roberta Mittmanʼs Products and Services

Roberta Mittmanʼs Health and Wellness Products and Services

I focus on creating fast results for your well-being utilizing both Chinese Medicine and Western principles. My clients enjoy the benefits of sound, cutting-edge information plus traditional modalities that have been time-tested over thousands of years. My clients are treated to a luxurious and elite health and wellness experience suitable for women of refinement and discriminating taste.

Why a focus on both Eastern medicine and Western modalities?

Combining Eastern medicine and Western modalities is a unique approach to wellness. The philosophy behind Chinese Medicine holds that everything in the universe is interrelated. Having a balanced healthcare approach using both Eastern and Western principles is the ideal way to ensure you receive the most personalized and high-level attention for your own wellness.

Simply put, each individual issue — whether it is excess weight, difficulty sleeping, stress, or relationship concerns — affects the whole person. When we utilize aspects of Chinese Medicine, and combine it with modern wellness tools, it leads to the most rapid transformation for your body and life.

Make the right shift in one area and see positive changes in other facets of your body, life, and world. Itʼs finally time to be YOU. And you deserve to experience revolutionary health and wellness.

Choose from boutique coaching or my in-office services, including acupuncture, allergy elimination, smoking cessation, stress management and electrodermal screening.

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