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In my 10 years as CEO of the Park Avenue Center for Wellbeing, I’ve noticed a clear pattern. Patients who come in feeling depleted of energy and vibrancy have mediocre results in their business, finances, and professional success.

Parallel, or mere coincidence?

I unequivocally vote for the first answer. Here’s why: You need both vitality and wellness to achieve what you want professionally—and you can’t appreciate your success if you don’t have the energy and good health to enjoy it.

Health and wealth are totally interconnected. See a lack in your own life? 

  1. You have a one-track mind: Money.

It breaks my heart to see caring people lose touch with priorities, including their own self-care, in  a desperate pursuit of money at all costs. Working constantly, leaving room for nothing else, results in depletion, anxiety, just not feeling well—or becoming downright sick. Not only is the mounting pressure to keep up with bills, rising costs, and meeting long-term financial goals a heavy weight on your shoulders now—but your health is an expensive price to pay, both now and later.

Your “on the money” solution

 Are your energy levels and work performance suffering? Identify what you’re personally sacrificing lately for the paycheck—and turn this deficit strategy on its head. Take corrective measures to be sure that every day, * you get enough good-quality rest, * eat well, * relieve stress, * keep moving, or * just take the time to find peace of mind. When you add back some self-care, you also add focus at work—and that can mean more money  in your wallet.

  1. Your vocabulary doesn’t contain the word “no.”

I know it’s not easy to politely decline to serve others in your personal life, but when you can’t make room in your schedule to satisfy your basic care needs, it’s time to reconsider those people-pleasing ways. Not making yourself a number 1 priority can easily and quickly lead to resentment and exhaustion. What’s more, that depletion not only dims your potential brilliance now, it also can result in delayed or lost opportunities to fulfill future goals.

Your “on the money” solution

Next time you consider doing something above and beyond for someone else, honestly ask yourself: Do you have the resources—time, money, and energy—to take care of yourself as well as fulfill this favor? Notice that the taking care of yourself part of that question comes first. In case you’re wondering, that’s okay. You must make a point of taking good care of yourself. It’s not self-indulgent. It’s a necessity. You’ll feel renewed energy and even begin to drop extra pounds when you focus on you. Yes, you deserve this positive outcome.

  1. Stress is flat-lining your gains.

Unchecked stress has long been known to limit success, but did you know that stress can make you fat, tired, and sick? Living in a daily fight-or-flight condition diminishes your energy, immune system, ability to maintain a healthy weight, appearance, and general sense of wellbeing. In turn, those results lead to absenteeism, low self-esteem, disappointment, and mediocre and unprofitable results. It’s a vicious cycle.

Your “on the money” solution

You might think stress is a necessary evil. Fine, but how you deal with stress makes the difference. Do you let stress build, or do you release it? Do you give in to your reaction, or are you aware of the coming reaction and consciously intervene? Those who allow stress to penetrate become overwhelmed and soon show negative physical results. But those who use techniques that channel stress into nurturing self-care will grow and stay successful regardless of the stressors around them. The first step is awareness of whatever go-to stressful thinking could be sabotaging your success. Next is taking steps, even baby steps, with full support, to forge a different result.

If this resonates with you, now is the time to contact me. These phone sessions are short, but they’re powerful. We’ll identify what “silent saboteur” has kept you from being healthy, happy, and successful. This complimentary first step is designed for individuals who are finished with feeling deficient in health and prosperity. Are you ready to make that change? I’d love to speak with you!

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