Sleep, Part 3: Do You Dream?

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Do you dream? Good question, especially if you are wondering about the quality and quantity of your sleep.  A “yes” answer is what we’re looking for. Remember the four stages of sleep I discussed before? If you dream, that could be an indication that your body and brain are successfully reaching at least Stage Two…. Read more »

Sleep, Part 2: Go to Your Room!

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In my last newsletter, I described the ways that sleep deprivation affects the body’s essential functions. In short, sleep is a key component to health. Getting under 8 hours of sleep can lead to illness, obesity, and poor overall daytime performance. Feeling trapped in a cycle of daily fatigue and nighttime wakefulness? Applying the 3Rs… Read more »

Sleep, Part 1: Why We Should (and Why We Don’t)

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What’s so important about getting those zzzzzz’s? Think about the last time you woke up after a really good night’s sleep. Remember how energized and refreshed you felt? Your body’s natural daily cycles of expansion, activity, and growth are taxing. Periods of nightly restorative rest and repair actually reverse that wear and tear. When allowed… Read more »

Healthy Eating: Check-in Time!

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It’s a new year, and many of us are feeling inspired to take on new habits—or abandon old, unhealthy ones. Is maintaining a healthy weight one of yours? Now that the holidays are over, take a moment to reflect on how you kept yourself in good health, physically and emotionally, during the festivities. No doubt… Read more »

Healthy Eating, Part II: Use Your Intuition

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Who said you must lose weight to be healthy? They were dead wrong. It’s time to realize that you must get healthy in order to lose weight, not the reverse. The diet mentality doesn’t work because it offers false hope for losing weight quickly and permanently, often using recommendations that are boring, restrictive, and unsatisfying,… Read more »

Healthy Eating, Part I: Throw OUT the Diets

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I’m excited about my new way of looking at eating. I’ve decided to totally eliminate the concept of “bad” foods. I refuse to feel guilty if and when I splurge. So far I’ve resisted the impulse to buy every tabloid that highlights a new fad diet modeled by a svelte, bikini-clad starlet. I didn’t always… Read more »

Stress and the 3Rs

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In my last post, I discussed the fight-or-flight reaction as one way the body physically reacts to emotional stimuli. When your body reacts with fight-or-flight too often, though, the response can lead to tension and the damaging effects of stress. Remember the 3R’s? They can work right alongside therapies such as NET to help you… Read more »

Taking Control of Stress

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Ever think that pain, discomfort, and other symptoms all feel worse when you’re stressed? You’re not alone…and you’re right on the money! In fact, various studies have shown that anxiety, stress, and other emotional conditions can actually decrease the body’s immunity and leave us open to illness, from the common cold to heart conditions. Psychologists… Read more »