Creating Balance in a Black-and-White World

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Many people find that this time of year comes with conflicted thoughts and feelings. Think about all you’re handling simultaneously right now: You’re cycling down from the excitement of summer travel and high activity, yet you sometimes think this deceleration is a little disappointing. You’ve found your groove again at work after all the summer… Read more »

Menopausal? Feeling Old Is Strictly Optional.

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Many of my conversations with patients and clients in the 45-50 age range are centered around the types of symptoms that can arise at the end of menstruation. For some women, menopause is a challenge that is marked by discomfort. Others, though, simply glide through this transition gracefully, living a life rich in self-expression, wellbeing,… Read more »

A Peek Behind the Mystery of Yin and Yang

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“They are so Yin and Yang.” I’m sure you’ve heard that expression used to describe the two individuals in a couple who are seemingly very different in viewpoints or personality. According to 5,000-year-old Chinese medicine, everything in the universe is Yin and Yang. (Hint: Notice I said “and,” not “or”—more on that coming up.) Yin… Read more »