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My treatments with Roberta Mittman have literally given me a turbo boost on the path to being pain free. Since I was sixteen, I have been plagued with chronic subluxations in my neck and jaw, along with TMJ, which turned into headaches on a daily basis, which turned into mood swings, which turned into a highly sensitive response to everything, from noise, to light, to smells, to the slightest change in routine. I have been in and out of chiropractic care, massage therapy and even acupuncture, but these only helped temporarily. Within a day and a half, I was back where I started.

It never occurred to me that I might be sensitive to the things in my diet, the dust in my apartment, or even my cat. I learned of Roberta through my network of doctors, and I heard of allergy elimination from my mother, who has fibromyalgia , and it had virtually ended her cycle of pain and sleeplessness. So I spoke with Roberta on the phone for a very long time one day regarding my past, where I would like to go and how she can help me. I hung up the phone feeling pumped! She was so thoughtful and took the time to discuss everything very thoroughly with me. I also was so appreciative of the fact that she let me know up front that her treatments are a process, and everyone responds wonderfully to the treatments but it is so individual and that is why she works as fast as your body wants you to! Once 1 had just one treatment I knew what she meant! Roberta is so in tune with people and she is such a good listener to what you say and to what your body is saying that she almost knows your body better than you! You could tell her the most obscure symptom and she is able to pinpoint and work it out for you.

My treatments included, allergy elimination, which helped me immensely because I found out my intense pasta and sugar cravings were due to a high sensitivity to sugar, which was constantly keeping me off balance and out of energy. By desensitizing my body to sugar, the blockage of energy that created my sensitive response was free and my cravings have virtually disappeared. I was also sensitive to a number of other things, which have been worked out as well. In addition to that, much sensitivity that a person has can relate to an emotional blockage. The emotional therapy technique is so interesting and enlightening.

While you explore hidden emotions that have created blockage in your body, you become desensitized to that emotion. In other words, you become okay with the situation on your mind. It is neither a good or bad thing, it is just a thing. This technique has even taught me a thing or to about handling daily life! Roberta has also treated me for pain using acupuncture. She asked me each visit (which was once a week) what had been flaring up and she treated me with such precision and care! She is like a master with acupuncture needles and after one treatment, I hardly had to tell her where my trouble spots were! One day I could barely hold my head up and my eyes open and I called Roberta and asked her if she could help me because I was in so much pain. She was so willing to fit me into her hectic schedule. She listened to my symptoms, she decided on an acupuncture treatment and just told me to relax. When I woke up, I felt like a new human being! My eyes were not puffy and sagging, my head didn’t throb, and my body did not feel limp. As I left I looked at my watch and noticed that I had been there for well over an hour! Roberta was so kind to have let me just rest and heal and have an extra long treatment! I couldn’t believe the wonderful care she had given me!

After twelve weeks, my results have been incredible. I make it through the week without much pain. Having a headache is a surprise to me now. I sleep better. I do not get a splitting throb in my forehead every time I smell something terrible or see bright light. I don’t crave sugar as much. My arms don’t fall asleep in the middle of the night. And best of all, I am back to having days where 1 am my happy-go-lucky self. Things are beautiful. The traffic isn’t as loud. Things roll off my back so easily and I am finally saying to myself that life is great! Roberta has helped me see life in a whole new way. Her professionalism, her technique, her gentle, caring thoughts, and her soothing voice are a joy to come to every week. She is brilliant at what she does, and I have never met with a doctor who is more committed, more willing, and more in love with what she does than Roberta Mittman.

In best health.