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Dear Roberta:

This letter is a long time in coming – my problem in writing it was to thank you in a short space for all that you’ve done for me. Specific examples number too many to recount, so I hope this will do the job.

A few years ago I was introduced to a colleague of your in FL and began the BioSET treatments. Though they were amazing and clearly reversed or cured a number of my allergies, I needed to find a practitioner nearby to finish the program and so I was referred to you. Once again I am grateful for the way life has of moving us along thru winding roads to meet those people we truly need, our angels here on earth.

Since working with you, my allergies have almost completely abated. I am now blissfully and gleefully living with my two adorable cats without so much as a sneeze! Most importantly I can eat chocolate without a headache! My skin is glowing, my emotions are centered and I’ve found new happiness and the strength to go out and create my own successful businesses.

In the weeks following 9/11, as many of us did, I began to deal with serious allergy and asthma reactions. And once again there you were: always calm, always loving, always supportive and as I’ve mentioned to you often – just being in your presence was healing as you always give me the feeling that whatever I’m dealing with you are right there with me and will help until I’m feeling whole again. I know you helped many of my dear friends as well as myself deal with the post-traumatic stress – many of us couldn’t endure the sound of a plane, but after a few NET treatments myself and my friends, several of them big and strong guys who normally “don’t need help”! – all commented on how once again we could sleep with peace and not fear the thunder of a storm or the sound of an engine overhead.

Because of my trust in you and your abilities, I have referred to you many of my friends, the most dramatic case being a friend who after literally years of painful surgery and medications that didn’t even begin to solve her problem saw you and in just a few weeks she finally felt the beginning of what is now almost 100% relief and she finally began to hope once again.

So you see I could go on an on about my experiences, and finding just one example to thank you for is too difficult. So this letter is just a brief insight, my real testimonial to you is that whenever I hear of someone dealing with an illness or discomfort of any kind I will continue to refer you – as I just did to the airline attendant that took my ticket last week, my colleague at a business luncheon and my uncle. Some of these people will no doubt tell you how they came to you, but I think the reality is that more often than not, they’ll simply show up on your doorstep…and I’m confident that you’ll work miracles with them just as you have with me.

With all my love and gratitude,