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Roberta is the best. She’s a terrific person, someone you really want to have as a practitioner. The main thing to keep in mind is that, as with everything, you must stick with it. I did feel an alleviation of symptoms on my first visit, but those symptoms returned after a few days. However, just remembering that I’d already had some success let me know that the approach she uses works. If you don’t have the same immediate relief, try to simply remember that someone did, so it’s possible for you. Now I don’t have those lung or tracheal symptoms, except on a minor level from time to time.

Roberta has worked on a lot of different things in the treatments, including a problem I’ve had with fat metabolism (resulting in pain and digestive symptoms). I could definitely tell for many years when I was having troubles of that sort. Roberta worked on that with me and I have gotten much better. This may still go out sometimes, as environmental and dietary stress does cause problems, but she then corrects this with her treatments.

Of course her approach will seem a bit esoteric to some. In fact, this is so much more refined and sophsiticated than other kinds of care that not everyone will be able to immediately grasp what she is up to. But we are electromagnetic beings and the body communicates electromagnetically. I had already been treated in a somewhat similar way years before, to good effect, so I sought out a practitioner doing this type of work. I am very pleased with what Roberta has accomplished with me.

This is very cutting edge work that Roberta does–both futuristic in some of her techniques and traditional in the use of acupuncture. I would truly recommend it for those who have not been satisfied with the care they have received in the past and who have some trust in variant modalities. Give the treatments enough of a try. Nothing works overnight, but this is really wonderful stuff.