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mirrorwomanStaying youthful, vital, and strong is what we want as we age.

A strong body, a positive mindset, nurturing relationships, and the energy to enjoy it all—these remain the marks of a luxuriously healthy, delicious, rewarding, and, most important of all, happy life, no matter whether we’re just beginning to approach midlife or have many further decades of experience—and birthdays—behind us.

As we age, however, it’s not always easy to stay motivated and keep our hopes and ideals in place, especially when we’re experiencing difficult times. All too often, a long-running habit or a voice from the past can weaken even the most definite resolutions and affirmations we make to stay happy and fulfilled.

Weight gain, low energy, and feeling “stuck” are among the common signs that this sort of negative pattern or attitude is working against us. Many of my over-40 in-office patients and coaching clients who say they’re “feeling old” need repair of the same few leaks—slow drains that let the satisfaction, abundance, and vibrancy run out of a life. 

  1. Faster aging leak: Soft boundaries.

Think for a moment. Where are your boundaries, and how firm are they?

A woman who is feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions—with none of those directions leading to fulfillment or even basic self-care—is likely someone whose boundaries have developed leaks. These tiny holes (or even big, gaping ones) decrease our self-confidence and erode our strength and resolve. Soft boundaries lead to brushing aside who we are, what we stand for, and how we can best honor our priorities in favor of pleasing others. Over-serving, constantly comparing yourself to others, and allowing others to take advantage of you are signs that your boundaries might not be as solid as you need them to be. No wonder energy and goodwill are fatigued, depleted prisoners without hope of parole.

Slow your aging: Seal the holes.

Take a look at who and what is robbing you of your ability to manage your time, energy, empowerment, and personal resilience. What are some steps you can take right now to delineate and reinforce your boundaries? How might you limit those drains that eat away at you every day? You deserve better. (Hint: Saying “no”—firmly and without apology—just might get you started.)

  1. Faster aging leak: Putting fuel on the fire.

Inflammation is the major culprit behind many discomforts in your body, such as allergies, but also many symptoms often associated with aging, from painful joints and muscles to wrinkles in your skin. If your immune system perceives, either correctly or mistakenly, that it’s faced by a threat to your body, such as from a food or hormone, it will naturally try to protect you by unleashing an inflammatory process that can range from subtle, to uncomfortable and quite observable. This reaction can continue to cause more damage and aging if left unchecked.

Slow your aging: Get the hose!

Begin by adjusting your eating habits in easy ways today, and you’ll see and feel results that will be life changing, from the cellular level, outward. Premier nutrition starts with avoiding sugary, refined, caffeinated, or processed food. Switch to foods that don’t come in a sealed box, can, or bag—the natural, whole foods that are the basis of solid nutrition. Then, add healthy omega fats from fish and nuts, green vegetables, and fluids such as water and herbal or green teas. Finally, sit less and move more. These steps slow down the damage that causes you to age, gain weight, and become less mobile.

  1. Faster aging leak: Justifying just having fun.

wellness-285589_1280How many times have you felt guilty for simply sitting down and reading a silly magazine? or going for a massage? or having quiet “me-time” on a park bench to admire nature? I must admit that I, too, can be a member of that Feeling Undeserving of Relaxation Club just like you.

Slow your aging: Know that you deserve enjoyment—and then some!

The need to be busy and productive at all times arose as an internal voice speaking to me ever since my childhood. Now, I’m slowly but surely learning to embrace peaceful, joyful, easy time alone or with others—completely free of remorse.

A tough order? I admit I know that firsthand. But you deserve the luxury of a splendid, healthy life, and restorative time is part of that picture. Remind yourself as I do: I am enough, I do enough, and it’s good for me (and good for others) to take time to enjoy myself just for the sake of…enjoyment. No rationalization required. Ahhh. I’m leaning into this philosophy quite nicely now even though it took me so long to get here. (That’s okay, too.) Will you join me? Guilty pleasures permitted.

And don’t forget, “restorative time” includes a solid night’s sleep regularly. How about a treat that screams “fun” and also promotes peaceful sleep? Give this recipe for Outrageously Delightful Oatmeal Cookies a try.

Ready to identify and repair the leaks that’re preventing you from living a luxuriously healthy life? If so, I invite you to speak with me privately for a 30-Minute Health Breakthrough Call. We’ll identify what action steps you can take immediately to get back on the road to loving you—and your life.

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