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Carolyn Jaffe, D.Ac., Dipl. NCCA and Judith M. Mellor, RN, C.Hrb., Journal of Energetic Medicine
November 2000

Carolyn Jaffe, D.Ac., Dipl. NCCA is an NCCA board certified doctor of acupuncture licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, a doctoral candidate in Naturopathy, and an advanced practitioner of NAET and NET and co-founder of the Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT).Judy Mellor, RN, is a doctoral candidate in nutrition and has twenty-five years of western medicine experience as a critical care nurse. She is a certified Oriental medical herbalist.

Their combined training and background includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and French acupuncture, Oriental herbs, NAET, NET, iridology, homeopathy, naturopathy, biological terrain assessment, hypnotherapy, Reiff, TBM, EAV dermal testing, enzyme therapy, non-manipulative skeletal re-alignment, massage therapy, nutrition, and psychological counseling.

The authors have trained with Drs. Tori Hudson, Dean Ornish, Bernie Siegel, Norm Sheely, Joan Borysenko, Scott Walker, Ellen Cutler, Devi Nambutripad, Lynn August, and Carolyn Myss.

Carolyn Jaffee, D.Ac. and Judith M. Mellor, RN, are the founders of the Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT). The Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) includes an advanced muscle testing method, desensitization, intervention, and acupuncture.

Their ground breaking work in the treatment of arthritis and other chronic illnesses using advanced, energetic modalities is the subject of this exclusive article in the Journal of Energetic Medicine.

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It is consistent to include many energetic modalities as a part of the daily routine in our well-rounded holistic practice. However, after countless attempts to reduce the suffering of arthritis, we finally achieved demonstrative success in the treatment of arthritis without the use of ingestants, drugs, or dietary modification. We have tested our findings over the last year and finally feel confident enough to say that we have a drug-free resolve for the pain and progression of arthritis.Years of research has enabled us to positively confirm, through Muscle Resistance Testing (MRT), eight substances responsible for causing osteoarthritis and fifteen substances responsible for causing rheumatoid arthritis and the symptoms associated with it. The foundation of our treatment plan is to first shore up the immune system, deactivate the identified bacteria, intercede the pattern of attacks (that are anything but random), and finally re-educate the brain to reproduce cartilage and repair worn bone tissues.


Selected vials containing the energetic signature of substances (one of which is the bacterial strain responsible for inciting the immune response, and the others are components of the immune system), are placed one by one in the hand or against the skin of the patient. The substance in the vial prods the subconscious memory into identifying its energetic signature by using the sense of touch. At the same time, the energetic signature of the substance in the vial travels along energetic relays (ie. meridians), exciting the dendrites.

Once the energetic signature signal reaches the brain, it is then possible to energetically tap out or recharge the brain into exchanging the new energetic signature that is in the vial for the old damaged signature that has been stored in the brain. The signature in the vial not only helps the brain to identify a physical problem on the energetic level but also helps to correct the energetic imbalance posing as the anecdote.

It makes more sense to correct the energy of the physical body by using energetically correct signatures. The language of the body/mind is energy. In fact, all communication and activity within the body/mind is conducted via energetic conduits carrying messages to and from the energetic dispatching center – the brain, where all information relative to the individual’s body/mind are stored and used as needed. A damaged and incorrect energetic message demonstrates itself as a “symptom” either in the body or in the mind and perhaps in both places simultaneously.

When synthetic drugs which are not in sync with the body’s energies because the message is of a different language, (i.e.: not of a natural energy source), the brain cannot clearly understand the drugs intentions and receives its message in a mixed up format. This inadvertently could lead to permanent circuitry confusion which demonstrates in the body/mind with new symptoms that have resulted from drug or static interference invading the brains language barrier. It is for this reason, essential to correct the body/mind and the symptoms they demonstrate in the forms of illness, disease, and mental breakdown by intercepting an old, worn out energetic message with a clear, concise, upgraded energetic message that will reprogram the energetic brain to self-correct. Using an energetic analogue, such as the one contained in the vial, provides the correction via the vital energy pathways delivering the new message throughout the entire body/mind.

To summarize, we follow a pattern for treatment that has demonstrated the most expedient and effective outcomes to date:

Initially we have the patient hold a jar filled with substances bearing the energetic signature of IGG, IGM, IGA, macrophages, lymphocytes, basophils, eosinophiles, neutrophils, etc. in one hand and extend the testing (monitor) arm straight up in the air. If the testing arm goes “weak” when stressed, we know the subconscious (personal computer) has determined that there is something in the jar that represents a weakened link in the immune system and it must be treated. This frailty is an indication that something in the immune system has been compromised and for this reason, and has allowed the bacterial strain to reside within the weakened host.

While the patient holds the suspect vial in their hand, either myself or my associate reinforces the bladder meridian on the posterior aspect of the patient’s body. The bladder channel is understood to be the energetic pathway that associates with the internal organs. For example, BL 18 located in close proximity to the ninth thoracic vertebra and about two fingers bilateral to the spine has an energetic association with the liver, whereas BL 23 located bilaterally to the second lumbar vertebra has its association with the kidneys. When these acupuncture points are stimulated, the old information that was evaluated to be a breakdown in the immune system is altered and permanently changed.

We then choose specific acupuncture sites that help to carry the new message through the body via the energetic pathways. These acupoints are empirically recognized to reinforce the three major systems of the body: respiratory, digestive, and reproduction/elimination. When used as a protocol we refer to it as Essential Energy Treatment (EET). Several of these selected points are found along the spleen and stomach channels which represent the earth element (digestive).

Additionally, we utilize points along the lung and large intestine channels for their effectiveness in carrying energy from earth to metal (respiratory/elimination).

The patient then relaxes, holding the vials while the acupuncture needles are inserted and retained for approximately fifteen minutes.

Once we feel confident that the immune system is working to its full potential, we focus on deactivating the bacterial strain. In like manner we proceed from MRT to treating the person for the strain. With successive treatment we intervene against the patterned immune response until there is nothing left for the immune system to lash out against. Hence the flair-ups terminate.

Proof that the JMT procedure is working is always evidenced by a marked decline in symptoms. In the osteoarthritic patient the muscular aching and deep joint pain begin to disappear usually between the fourth and fifth treatment; sometimes sooner. By the end of the eighth treatment there is a 100% resolution of all pain which appears to be permanent on follow-up of three months, six months, nine months and a year.

The rheumatoid arthritic usually demonstrates a 75% to 100% decrease in symptoms which show no relapse upon follow-ups of three months, six months, nine months and one year. Finally, we focus on rehabilitating the worn parts and encourage the body to manufacture cartilage. It is only at the end of all of the treatments that we suggest the inclusion of Glucosamine or Pinus Montana, a homeopathic remedy recognized for its virtue in helping to restore cartilage. No further treatments are needed and the patient is free to resume a normal, active lifestyle.


Initially, we began observing and making note of every similarity between patients who had a medical diagnosis of either osteo, gouty, psoriatic, or rheumatoid arthritis. It was true that in some cases the food intake for some of the people struggling with arthritis was horrible – but not in most cases. Age of onset varied, as did gender and demographics. Some patients were young and strong, others were old and feeble. Some were fat, others were thin. Some ate beef, others were vegans. Some diets were highly acidic, others were more alkaline. We really did not find as many similarities as we had hoped to.

We scrupulously investigated every possibility we could get our hands on and found that in every single case the immune system had either been temporarily or chronically stressed. If a foreign invader in the form of a bacterial strain had attempted an attack on a person who’s immunity had been compromised then of course, poor nutrition would increase the hosts potential for being a good disease candidate. In this case, if a patient was seeing a nutritionist or health care provider who enlisted good nutrition as a part of the patient’s “get well program”, surely that arthritic patient would experience improvement and an amelioration of symptoms, but not a total cure from the disease without strict adherence to the nutritional guidelines laid out by the practitioner. The arthritic patient would need to make this type of food intake a life-long project in the hope of staying in remission and keep the flare-ups to a minimum.

A patient who had a fairly healthy diet but had been under emotional stress would also stand the risk of increasing the potential for becoming a good breeding ground for bacterial colonization and eventual metastasis for the clever strain. This emotional stress could be anywhere on the continuum including extreme domestic duress, long hours of study and concentration, or just plain overwork at the office. Extreme weather changes, a cold or the flu, sleep deprivation, poor dental hygiene, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, excessive sexual indulgence, multiparity, genetics, and a host of other factors all could serve to compromise the immune system and provide the perfect environment for any invader to take a foothold. By reducing as many of these factors as possible, a persons ability to gain strength and energize the immune system would most probably help to reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis, or any disease for that matter, but rarely cure it. This logic is not only preventative but certainly would help to reduce the symptoms associated with any disease making it possible for the host to move closer to remission.

Eventually, after researching through endless possible causes including viruses, parasites, sensitivities, and bacterial strains, we found the common denominator that tested positive in every single patient. Understanding the causative agent helped us to stop the pain for every single patient without their need to make any changes whatsoever, and appeared to halt the progression of the disease itself.

We based our research upon Darwin’s evolutionary theory which links all living organisms from protozoa to pigs and is in essence fairly simple. The more complex the organism, the more difficult it is for that organism to adapt to change. On the other hand, it is intrinsic in all living organisms to survive. Hence, the less complex the organism is, the greater its ability to adapt for the sake of its survival. True, there are variables such as heredity, survival and reproduction, but not a whole lot more. Based on the simplicity of Darwin’s concept, we strongly considered the possibility that a disease such as arthritis might actually be resulting from the presence of a microorganism residing in the host – one that was highly intelligent and adapted well to change.

For the most part, natural selection was ignored in micro-organisms that cause disease and primarily recognized in large organisms. Interestingly, the evolutionary change that occurs in disease organisms is brief when compared to larger organisms. The little rascals are able to mutate and adapt to their changing environment in days or weeks if necessary rather than years or decades.

It is easy to understand why any patient choosing to see a holistic practitioner would benefit. Acupuncture, for example, would improve the circulation of energy in the body; herbs and homeopathy would strengthen the value of energy in the body. In addition, proper nutrition would improve the quantity and quality of energy in the body as would rest, exercise, and emotional well-being. In each instance, the immunity would be enhanced which would inadvertently lend to a more comfortable outcome for the patient, but unfortunately not a cure for most.

Once my associate and I fully understood the process, it was necessary to find the intruder that took advantage of the compromised immune system. We isolated the bacterial strain that had entered the body and colonized, thus setting up an immune response that would never stop before the introduction of JMT. We employed muscle resistance testing (Kinesiology) to confirm our findings and desensitization, but this was not enough. The body had learned to react against itself in a robot-like fashion.

In an effort to kill the bacterial strain that insidiously sets up housekeeping in the body, the brain alerts the immune system to continually send out attacks on all areas on or around the bacterial colony which includes the muscles, the joints, the cartilage, and the bone tissue itself. The pattern of attacks become increasingly more intense going deeper and deeper, wider and wider, destroying the healthy tissue as it wages war on its enemy – the bacterial strain. The visual of fighter pilots in an attack formation that have been commissioned to continually drop bombs on whole villages of innocent people in an attempt to exterminate one adversary in hiding comes to mind. Add to this, land patrols with torches setting fire to every hut and shelter trying to snuff out the hidden enemy, and this picture of fire and destruction is a metaphor for what is actually happening in the body of an arthritic victim.

The outcome is either inflammation from attacks by the immune system that is in such excess it creates swelling, heat, stiffness, and pain with pockets of WBC’s that can only be reduced by siphoning and steroids. This therapy is at best temporary for the rheumatoid arthritic and threatening to the bacteria which does the only intelligent thing that can be done, recolonizes at still another new site, hence metastasis.

In like manner, the osteoarthritic suffers with pain and stiffness from the cartilage and bone tissue being worn away. Without a shock absorber to stand the blows of movement, the patient learns to move with great caution. The immune system constantly doing what it has been programmed to do, attacks, and attacks, and attacks at the hidden invader, eating away at everything in its path with every attack. Even with the inclusion of Fosamax, OsCal, Glucosamine, and calcium – magnesium supplementation, it is impossible for the body to produce bone or cartilage fast enough to keep them from being destroyed by the immune-programmed attacks. The arthritic patient taking these substances might very well experience some measure of comfort but nothing permanent. Pain management clinics can only provide temporary and somewhat risky drug therapy at best. Likewise, replacing parts cannot keep up with the metastatic colonization of the bacteria. As one patient so aptly put it, “what are they going to do, replace my whole body?”.

We found that even when we had desensitized the body to the bacterial strain, the immune response had been so permanently programmed in, that it clearly saw the attacks as normal and continued them in a robot-like manner, never hesitating even for a moment to notice that the body was no longer in danger from the bacteria. The brain continued to send out learned response attacks assuming something was still there presenting a problem that had already been done away with – kind of like phantom pain that lingers on long after the limb has been amputated.

We learned the sequence in which the immune system was attacking itself and how to stop those attacks, one by one. With each treatment we taught the body that it was all right not to attack itself and the symptoms gradually decreased to the point where they did not exist at all. We further learned how to then increase the production of cartilage and healthy bone tissue. Not only did the pain, swelling, and stiffness disappear, but also the mobility in each of the joints began to gradually increase.

It took approximately eight twenty-minute treatments to resolve osteoarthritis and approximately fifteen twenty-minute treatments to resolve rheumatoid arthritis.

Vastly simplified, we believe that the subconscious acts like the great Oz; hiding beneath the skull, it is the Great Wizard within – demonstrating its power on the conscious, visible level. The real magic however is actually coming from deep within where nobody is able to see. If the subconscious perceives that an enemy has entered the body on some level, it is quick to alert the immune system which is then prodded into defending the body at all cost. Programmed to respond with exacting precision, the left side of the subconscious acts with lightening speed evaluating the situation from a logical perspective.

The perfect marriage of logic and emotion serve as the judgment seat for analyzing any and all actions and reactions in the body. For instance, acting on the assumption that some ingested substance (allergen) is creating a danger for the body/mind, the subconscious sounds an alarm, thus creating a chain of immune responses in an attempt to push the substance outside of itself. In like manner, if the subconscious should perceive the presence of an enemy lurking in its midst in the form of a microorganism, it will set in motion a series of responses from the immune system to attack and kill the invader. This series of immune responses are anything but random. The results of the immune system girding itself for battle against the uninvited alien tend to create very uncomfortable sensations in the body/mind which we refer to as “symptoms”.

We hesitate to use the word “cure.” But after treating more than one hundred people in exactly the same way and getting exactly the same results in every single case, we believe we have found what appears to be a fairly simple, risk-free and expedient resolution to the suffering and progression of arthritis and bone related disorders as well as lupus, and fibromyalgia. We are so certain of our findings that we have a patent pending on the technique and the substance vials necessary for performing JMT. Additionally, we have already completed seventy or so pages of a book that we are writing for the general public.

My associate and I further believe we are only beginning to understand “autoimmune” syndromes and that JMT is a window. We do not believe rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune syndrome, nor do we believe fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, or Crohn’s are autoimmune syndromes. We have been running research groups of MS patients, fibromyalgia patients, lupus patients, CrohnÆs, colitis, interstitial cystitis and irritable bowel syndrome patients and are having highly successful results using JMT.It is with this new eye, that we have ventured forth and found what we believe is a resolve for arthritis and other degenerating bone diseases. JMT opens a window of understanding leading to causes and hopefully successful treatments for many otherwise incurable diseases.

Our goal remains the same; always try to provide the best possible care with the least amount of intervention in the most expedient way. We strongly believe that the magnificent human body is programmed to self-correct with a little prodding from caring and knowledgeable health care providers. If we as health care providers would trust the innate wisdom of that magnificent body, more people would stop being patients and become aware of their own ability to heal without the use of aggressive drugs and/or surgical intervention.

Our focus has always been to provide our patients a safe place where they can heal through encouragement, love, and the use of some of the most cutting edge modalities available in complimentary medicine today. We are committed to increasing public awareness that it is possible to live free from arthritis and its associated pain. In addition, a series of seminars will begin in September of 1999 that will train and certify as many qualified health care practitioners as possible.

It is our hearts desire that people around the world may benefit from JMT and arthritis as well as many of the “autoimmune syndromes” will become a thing of the past in our lifetime.